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Title: Mine
Author: [info]isolated_killer
Pairing(s): Akame
Rating: this one PG-13 (higher later)
Genre: AU. angst, and romance, i think. if it's akame than it's always romance... but that's interesting how it came up being angsty - i hate angst.
Beta by: -
Disclaimer: I'd owned them but they ran away and left for japan. Traitors *gulping her whiskey*
Summary: I'm bad at it... Jin found out that his sensei had an affair with one of the students. When he saw that student he knew that he would make him his. Only his.
Author Note: that's the first time i post in like 5 years. 5 years my muse was playing with me, coming and leaving, promising and then crashing all my hopes. I hated her, i loved her. She took different forms... Extremely different... And now my muse splitted herself in two boys. Also that's my first attempt at posting something that i wrote in english. Hell... that's probably the first time i really post my work hoping that smn will read it and comment at it. Oh, and I don't like my writing style (if i have one, though...). I doubt that many people would like to read it but I say my thanks to those who will. I'm not afraid of criticism. I don't like it (who the hell does) but still... If you've read everything that i wrote higher - big thanks))) i wouldn't))

I. The Summer.

II. The Fall.

well... there are only two left))))
Hope, you'll like it)))
Btw, Kame is in a new drama! Kyaaaa~
lol, excuse me my fangirling... couldn't hold myself)))
I'm a happy camper)) thanks to Kame

P.S. Isn't it quite long? I believe it's the longest of the 5 parts...

III. The Winter.

The first time Jin saw Kazuya after that last meeting was the time when Jin followed him home. 2 weeks had passed before Jin finally could manage to put his plan in action. He had to become friends with the cashier girl. She wasn’t very pretty; it’s rare to see cute girls working in such shops – they had plenty of admirers to pay for them. But she had long legs and white teeth, and that was enough for Jin to consider her “appropriate”.

The girl wasn’t stupid; all not very cute girls aren’t stupid not because they were born like that or something but as they liked thinking with their own heads too much. She treated Jin in a careful, almost alerted way, desperately trying to find out what he needed from her.

Jin tried to remember her name. Keiko? Haruka? Yoko? Yes, Yoko.

He wasn’t hurrying to get into her pants and she wasn’t in any mood to get naked in front of him. It was a simple relationship – he’d been coming to the shop every day, hoping that Kazuya would come today, and talked to her. She was listening, nodding when was supposed to, saying something back while he searched for Kazuya in the crowded shop.

The fourth time Jin met him in the store was when Kazu had almost caught Jin following him.

He was following him home, again, hoping to find out whether the boy lived alone or with someone. And if he did Jin wanted to look at the enemy.

Crouching behind the car, he hid his head right in time when Kazuya turned around frowning.

- Hey, Kame! Why frowning, pretty? Lost a key?

Jin saw a very handsome man approaching his Kazuya, grinning and waving at him.

- Hi, Pi… No, I just… Saw something. Nevermind. Why’re you here? Were you waiting for me?

- Obviously, yes. I need to talk about that new clothes line…

Jin didn’t catch their conversation as the door of Kazuya’s entrance closed. He lived in a big dwelling house, not very expensive one. 5th floor, the flat №64.

Well, that’s something. Is he seeing some guys? That buddy had a very handsome face, almost too handsome.

That was the time for his plan. He couldn’t wait anymore.


The noise. The most awful noise he had heard in his life. The banging on his poor, innocent door, cursing, screams at his neighbors.

- Open that fucking door, Akanishi! I know you’re there! Open the door and I swear I’ll smash you head into your doorpost!

Jin calmly sat in his chair drinking beer, looking at the swaying dust in the dim light of his floor lamp. Of course he expected such a reaction.

There was some rustle behind the door, and then he heard the scribbling and steps, moving away. He lazily turned his head and saw a piece of paper shoved into the crack between the floor and his door. He walked barefooted to that paper and took it in his hand.

I’ll be back”

“I know”, - Jin thought.

He opened his door after 5 minutes had passed and was immediately shoved away.

- God, I knew you would find me… God, I knew it… I saw it in your eyes…

Jin smiled watching Kazuya passing quickly through his living room. He was so cute wearing those big glasses. Like a total nerd. Very hot, though.

- I’m glad to see you, - Jin whispered not expecting Kazuya to hear him.

- And I’m not! – Kame screamed on top of his lungs. There was one small bang on Jin’s wall. The neighbors still couldn’t fall asleep. – Sleep already, you jerk!

Jin laughed. He never liked that guy either.

- So, what do you want from me now, huh? My money? My connections? Because I can see pretty clearly that you don’t have both, - Kazuya stopped running in the room and stood before Jin, looking at him expectantly.

Jin was just leaning on the doorpost, looking back at him. Kazuya blinked several time.

- Fuck, say something.

- Wanna something to drink?

Not waiting for the answer to come Jin left for the kitchen. Kame groaned and followed him there.

- If you want something, say it now. I will possibly need time to transfer the money to your bank account…

- I don’t need your money, - Jin said firmly, shutting Kazuya up. He frowned. Jin held him a beer bottle. Kazuya stayed completely unmoving. – I need something else.

- What is it?

- Let’s move to the living room. I don’t feel comfortable talking here.

- God, stop it already! Why are you marking time?

Jin walked into his living room and sat on the couch. He looked at hesitating Kazuya.

- Come here and sit, - Jin said softly.

- Thank you, of course, but I’d better…

- Come here. And sit, - Jin repeated himself firmly and dangerously calm. Gulping Kazuya sat in the furthest chair from him. Jin smiled. – I want you to be mine.

Kame snorted.

- Yeah, I’m yours, completely. Oh, look, it’s raining doughnuts again!

- You want everybody to know about what you’ve done?

Kazuya was shocked. Jin wasn’t looking at him, but at the opened window.

- I didn’t do it on purpose! You have no right to blame me!

- That’s why you left for Canada? You were afraid they would know?

- Shut up, shut the fuck up! It was just an accident! They made me do it!

Jin only saw the fist, not felt it. Only when he spat the blood on the floor, Jin understood that Kazuya had punched him, hard. Jin laughed a little and, before Kazuya could react, pinned him to the nearest wall, back pressed to Jin’s chest.

- Listen carefully. I’m now really serious about you, baby… Very serious. If I’m not getting what I want I can’t really feel satisfied. You were right. My life sucks, my marriage sucked; let’s not even mention my job. And you’re going to make up for those 8 years that you’ve left me unsatisfied.

Kazuya was panting hard, struggling. He closed his eyes and tried to shift away from the Jin’s hardness that was pressed against the small of his back.

- Alright… - He said, breathless, his forehead against the wall. - I will spend some time with you. Only till you become satisfied again. Till you become a normal human. I’ll find you a job… I know you’re a journalist…

- How? – Jin whispered in his ear. Kazuya whimpered, feeling hot breathing on his ear.

- I… I asked your neighbors…

- Oh… Interesting…

- But don’t send those pictures anywhere… Please… You must… Promise me…

- I promise, - Jin licked his dry lips, the tip of his tongue touching Kazuya’s ear.

- Let me go, Akanishi, - panic was clear in his voice.

- Say a magic word, - Jin purred at his ear, rubbing his hardness against Kazuya’s thighs.

- Quickly!

- Okay, okay, - Jin chuckled and firmly holding his wrist, led him to the coach. – Give me your phone.

- What, why…

- I said give me your phone, - Kazuya looked up at him, clearly annoyed. – Please.

While Jin was typing his phone number into Kazuya’s address book, Kame stared at the space in front of him and looked like a lost child.

- Where did you know about that?

Jin paused and snorted, looking at the opened window again.

- You were completely wrong when you’d said I didn’t have any connections. I do.

- Someone else knows? – Kazuya started panicking again.

- No… Geez, calm down. That person is a friend. If you don’t want it to be known than do as you said you would. And everything will be fine, dear.

Kazuya shuddered. He closed his eyes and sighed, trying to calm himself down.

- I think I’ll go.

- See you tomorrow.

- What? I can’t tomorrow, I have a…

- See you tomorrow.

Kazuya stood still, frowning.

- Anything else?

- Yeah. Take care of your lip. It’s bleeding. Good bye, - the boy obviously wanted to say something else but decided against that idea.

Jin smirked at him and handed him his phone.


Two months had passed. Kazuya did as he’d told – he found him a good job at the sport newspaper. He didn’t like it but they’d said his writing style was interesting so he just went with the flow.

He visited every baseball game Kazuya was playing at. Jin even learned baseball’s rules. Well, almost. He still couldn’t find any sense in why so many people were standing on the enormous field doing particularly nothing, while the real players were counted only to 3 people. They weren’t even running.

Kazuya started calling him on the days they couldn’t see each other. Though, Kazu always sounded cold and uninterested, Jin was happy like a small child.

Jin had once taken Kame to an expensive restaurant.

- Perfect. What are we celebrating? Your funeral?

- Very funny. I just wanted to pamper you a little.

- I can perfectly do it myself, you know. I’m sure as hell that I’ll have to pay for the diner.

Jin pinched the bridge of his nose and closed his eyes, sighing. Kazuya nervously fiddled with a fork.

- Could you, please, stop doing it? – He took Kazuya’s wrist firmly. - Stop. I’m not biting. You know it perfectly.

- Then burn those documents.

- So you could leave me?

Kazuya bit his lower lip and averted his gaze from Jin’s.

- Let’s just enjoy the diner, ne?

- Yes, why not…

Kazuya was slowly opening himself up to Jin. Very slowly. He started laughing at his stupid jokes, scolded him when Jin did something wrong. But he felt extremely uncomfortable when Jin tried talking about his love life or when Jin suddenly stood too close to him.

Kazuya’s friends started thinking of Jin as Kame’s relative or something like that. They even invited Jin to go clubbing with them. Jin immediately agreed trying not to notice Kazuya’s horrified glares and protests.

And that was the first time they kissed. Not really kissed, a brush of lips, nothing much.

Drunk Kazuya was searching for a partner to dance. When some random guy tried to twine his hands around Kazuya’s waist he was yanked away. Kazuya drunk as he was didn’t protest at all. Jin grinded their hips together feeling he was slowly losing control. Kazuya was smiling that slutty smile, with his head thrown back. Jin kept his gaze at the ceiling afraid of looking at Kame’s lips, milky skin on his neck, his collarbones shining with sweat.

- Look at me, - his dance partner demanded.

Jin gulped hard and looked down at him. Kame laughed.

- You always look so serious while dancing? Are you counting steps?

- No.

- Our boy is pouting! How cute! – With that said Kazuya pecked Jin on the cheek, yearning a shocked gaze from him.

- What?

- Can I… Just… Don’t move…

Jin bent down and closed his eyes. Their lips met and he felt Kazuya’s hands bringing him closer by his neck. When Kame opened his mouth, obviously wanting something more, Jin pushed him away, already feeling hot.

- What’s wrong? Jin? Jin!

Jin ran out of that club as fast as he could. He needed a plan. Again.


They hadn’t seen each other for a week. Than Jin called Kame and asked him to come.

He heard the footsteps at his door. And yanked the door open. Kazuya was surprised, arching his brow at him.

- Were you missing me that much? – Jin nodded. – Well, glad for yah. Need anything? Ran out of money? Nothing to eat? Why did you call?

Kazuya wasn’t looking at him. Jin knew that he was offended. That’s why he grabbed Kame from behind and pressed him to his chest, inhaling Kazuya’s scent. Kazuya was so shocked that he didn’t even know what to do.

- What… What are you doing?

- I love you.

Kazuya went completely still, than began struggling.

- You’re drunk or what? Let go of me!

Jin threw him on the couch and straddled him, pressing him into the couch. He pinned his hands over his head.

- I love you.

Kazuya was clearly panicking then. He tried to shove Jin away, tried to beat him with his legs. But that only earned more vigorous sucking on his neck.

- Stop! Stop! Jin!

Jin’s hand sneaked under his sweater, ghosting over his belly.

- Akanishi! God! Will you stop it already? I don’t care about your so-called love or hate, but if you don’t stop now you’ll seriously regret it… - Kazuya’s voice was shaking. He’d stilled completely.

Jin stopped his ministrations and looked at Kame’s face.

- I really hate you. I’ve always hated you. Back at school when you were watching me with that teacher I’ve always wanted to ask, why? Why were you always everywhere? Why were you hiding? I didn’t stop you from watching hoping you’ll get bored. But you didn’t. You even decided that if there was no sensei I would come to you for the comfort. Always so full of himself, popular, attractive…

He sighed and closed his eyes. Jin let go of him and came down from the coach, onto the floor, holding his head between his bent knees.

- When I’d completely forgotten about you, you showed up again. Not only that; you decided to ruin my life by becoming a part of it… I really hate you… But…

Jin didn’t hear the last part of his small speech. He was running away, barefooted, out of his own apartment.

Running away is the only thing he’s good at.

IV. The Spring.

V. The Summer.

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