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Title: Mine
Author: [ profile] isolated_killer 
Pairing(s): Akame, Kame/Smn
Rating: R (higher later)
Genre: AU. angst, and romance, i think. if it's akame than it's always romance... but that's interesting how it came up being angsty - i hate angst.
Beta by: -
Disclaimer: I'd owned them but they ran away and left for japan. Traitors *gulping her whiskey*
Summary: I'm bad at it... Jin found out that his sensei had an affair with one of the students. When he saw that student he knew that he would make him his. Only his.
Author Note: that's the first time i post in like 5 years. 5 years my muse was playing with me, coming and leaving, promising and then crashing all my hopes. I hated her, i loved her. She took different forms... Extremely different... And now my muse splitted herself in two boys. Also that's my first attempt at posting something that i wrote in english. Hell... that's probably the first time i really post my work hoping that smn will read it and comment at it. Oh, and I don't like my writing style (if i have one, though...). I doubt that many people would like to read it but I say my thanks to those who will. I'm not afraid of criticism. I don't like it (who the hell does) but still... If you've read everything that i wrote higher - big thanks))) i wouldn't))

the story is splitted in 5 parts. that's the first one. it's bassically a one-shot. i haven't written those 4 parts yet, though. please, go ahead and imagine who you want - the sensei can look like you want him to. (i didn't write his name as i want only imagine kazuya with his jinjin. and apparently we wn't ever see this sensei again - so it doesn't really matter. but still as i wrote it i had a picture of nishikido ryo-san in my mind) But if you want smn else - go ahead...

I. The Summer.

The light. The moon light was shining on his bare, beautifully arched back. And if Jin’s both hands weren’t busy he would have already attended to his own needs.

He was hard. Not only from the picture of his Kazuya being sensually fucked on the teacher’s desk by the sensei, but from the burning eating jealousy.

He dreamed about that always cheerful baseball fan. He adored everything about him – his smile, his pinkish full lips, his mischievous eyes and his slim almost skinny body. The way Kazuya’s naturally husky voice reached his ears made him lose his mind.

And now the owner of that husky voice was moaning shamelessly, almost killing him with want.

The first time he caught this pair making out in the classroom was the first time he actually laid his eyes on that, now “his”, boy.

Jin inwardly cursed. Being crouched under the table of the classroom with a camera in his right hand, and the left one over his mouth, he still felt himself nearing the end. Just like his Kazuya under the sensei.

The second time he saw them doing it was the first time Jin understood that he fell in love with the stunningly handsome boy. And it was the first time he stayed for their session, in the toilet, next cubicle to theirs, flicking himself off.

The third time he saw them having sex in the sensei’s car was the time when Jin knew he would do everything just for having that boy. Everything.

Not missing any of their sessions, taking his time, plotting, feeling the indescribable hunger for claiming that boy his, and only his.

And now he knew what to do. He was sitting under that table, late in the evening, after another baseball practice, with a camera in his hand, making a small movie with his Kazuya as the main character.

Was he mad? Did he lose his mind completely? Jin was asking himself, averting his gaze from that mind blowing scene. But each and every time his eyes were back on Kazuya, who looked even more gorgeous in the dim light from the opened window.

The sensei came burying his face in Kazuya’s neck, biting the perfect skin there. Jin gritted his teeth, waiting for his Kazuya to come too. When the boy groaned loudly and relaxed, hugging the sensei, Jin felt how sticky his pants were. Today he came without even touching himself.

He carefully shut down the camera and sighed.

Soon, very soon Kazuya will be his. Only his.


The whole school was shocked by the news that the young sensei was leaving the town. The young man in his 30th was really handsome, intelligent and quite rebellious – there were some rumors about him even being gay, but they were quickly forgotten as the man was seen with a girl in Shibuya. Jin made that story up by himself hoping to distract unwanted attention from his Kazuya.

At their last lesson, the sensei smiled sadly explaining that he couldn’t stay due to some awful circumstances. Though everybody failed to notice his furious full of hate glare directed at Jin.

Jin only smirked and waved at him.


Jin tiredly slumped down on the bench in the dressing room. He’d been playing football for about 3 hours trying to get away from all the tension he’d suffered those few days. Convincing that sensei to leave wasn’t the easiest task ever.

The noises were heard from the entrance, a few surprised gasps and giggles.

- Where can I find Akanishi-kun? – That husky voice was like music to his ears. He smiled. His Kazuya came to him. At last.

Someone pointed at him. Jin stood up and made a surprised face trying not to pay attention to the fact that he was facing the object of his desire wearing nothing but a towel on his waist.

- Akanishi, it’s you, right? – The boy looked him straight in the eyes. He was obviously furious.

Jin nodded. Neither he nor Kazuya noticed a small crowd that was gathering around them. People like scandals. They just don’t like to participate in them.

- Listen carefully, shit, I’m not gonna repeat myself! – Jin arched his brow at the nickname his Kazuya gave him. – I know it was you I saw you every fucking time out there, hiding, whoring over me. You can’t even imagine how much I want to kill you right now. – He made a pause, exhaling. He fisted his small hands obviously trying to calm himself down. He puffed his flushed cheeks blowing his fringe off of his eyes. He was so cute that Jin couldn’t stop himself from chuckling. Kazuya looked at him disbelievingly.

- You think it’s funny?! Well, then, why the hell should I stop myself… - with that said the best baseball player in the school punched Jin straight in the face, not holding anything back. A few gasps were heard. Jin stumbled back tasting blood in his mouth. He dragged his tongue across his lower lip, again looking expectantly at the boy. – Don’t mess with me, hear that? – Kazuya was past his limit but his voice was very calm. – You’re never gonna get me. I hope I’ll be the object of your desire as long as possible so you can suffer more. You’ll see me in your dreams begging, moaning but never in reality. I hope you'll never be satisfied. You are pathetic.

He fell silent. Now everybody who was in the dressing room was watching them. Jin took a step closer to Kazuya who immediately stiffened and whispered: “We’ll see that, ne?” And he smirked at him, again licking his broken lip.

Kazuya spitted at the floor and cursed quietly. He turned on his heels and quickly left the room.

We’ll see that, Kazuya.

II. The Fall.

III. The Winter.

IV. The Spring.

V. The Summer.

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