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English Title: Punishment and Grace
Russian Title: Преступление и Милость
Author: Dorinda
Reader: [ profile] isolated_killer 
The Person Who is Responsible for This: [ profile] randomicicle 
Fandom: Crime and Punishment written by Fyodor Mikhaylovich Dostoyevsky. I am sure he didn't approve of me translating this.
Pairing: Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov/Dmitri Prokofich Razumikhin
Duration: 13:28 Please, turn up the volume, because it was 2am and I didn't want to wake up anyone by reading about undying love of... this awkward pairing.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: A scene "set" during Chapter 3, when Raskolnikov wakes from his fever and Razumikhin looks after him, plus an epilogue. "It was a great love, a faithfulness that could not be borne any longer."
Warnings: It is read in Russian.
Notes: And I feel the need to say I am not very happy about this. Even though the translation has turned out fabulously. forever modest orz. Making these two "fall for" each other is something my mind can't cope with.
It's like watching your grandparents have sex.
Also, Gabie couldn't contact the author for permission. Despite the story being public, I'm not crossposting anywhere for that reason too. And because it is a birthday present. And because I'm kinda ashamed.
Addition: Написано по книге Достоевского "Преступление и Наказание". На английском, этот фик ещё ничего. На русском - лучше воздержаться.
Important Notes: [ profile] randomicicle, I love you. And you have to understand just how much I do, if I've done something like this. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. YOU ARE AMAZING.

.mp3 file in Mediafire and Megaupload.

↓Russian translation if you're interested↓ )


Jan. 10th, 2010 06:50 am
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- Did you call him? Where is he? Why didn't he come? - Matt asked, clearly annoyed that his drummer was not attending the practice for the fifth time in two weeks.

- I called him! He doesn't answer his phone! - was heard Johnny's reply from a far.

- Dammit. Is he messing with me?! ME?! The Great Shadows?! - Matt made a sulking face and went to poke Brian with a "DO something, for god's sake! I can't practice without a drummer by my side!" 


- I wonder what's wrong with our Revvy baby? - Brian said slowly, leisurely playing on his guitar, waiting for some, ANY directions from fuming Shadows.

- I called him yesterday. He said he wasn't feeling good but that he would definitely be on the practice... Maybe he's still feeling sick, - Zacky shrugged his shoulders, tuning his own guitar up.

- WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY THAT EARYLIER?! - Synyster and Vengeance jumped out of the sudden, hearing a scream intensified by the mic. They turned their heads to stare at very angry Matt, the leader, who was clutching his fist in the recording cabin. - Get your asses out of the studio, now! Go to his house! Make him some chicken soup, buy him a wagon of pills, cover him under twenty layers of blankets! I need him fresh, healthy and energetic as if you've just bought him!

Both guys cringed at the highpitched tone their friend was using and exchanged glances.

- I think we better go, or he'll eat us alive.

- Yeah, right. Besides, we haven't called Leana yet...


Brain was standing at the door of their best friend's house, pushing the bell button again and again. Nobody had been answering. Syn actually started to worry. Their friend was light-headed, not the smartest guy ever, but never that careless. He would always call if something serious happened.

He looked up expectantly at Zacky who appeared out of the corner of their drummer's house. The man was shaking his head, absorbed in his own thought.

- Both cars are standing in the garage. They haven't left, then. Lea always uses her car, anywhere.

They silently looked at the house as if it could tell them the truth. The sun was shining brightly at their heads, even now, on the 28th of December. The winter in Huntington Beach was never cold. 

Brain looked at his watch. 13:20. Zacky was biting his lip nervously.

- Lea must be at home, preparing for New Year's celebrations. Maybe they both fell asleep, - not getting his answer, Syn frowned and looked at the Vengeance guy, waiting. - What do you think?

Zacky was silent for another few minutes, staring at the dirty door mat, still biting his bleeding by now lip. Then he squinted his eyes from the sun and lifted his eyes up at the upper window of the drummer's house. Syn looked at the window too, licking his dry lips. There was supposed to be the bedroom.

- Something happened.

Syn's heart sank.


They managed to struggled into the window on the first level without getting seriously injured.

- Must tell about this broken window to Rev. He'll fix it.

- Shh!

Syn threw Zacky a glare and put a finger to his lips, indicating that he'd better shut up. Zacky did and harkened.

No sounds were heard. Silence.

- This really freaks me out. What's the hell going on here?! - Zacky whispered, already all pale.

- Let's go further.

From the living room they went to the kitchen. The tv was on. The untouched breakfast was ready. Coffee in the mugs had long ago got cold. Syn shivered.

That was so fucked up.

- Rev! Lea! Where are you?! - He screamed, surprising not only Zacky who palmed his own chest in fear, but himself too.

They heard a sob coming from the ladder which led on the second floor. Having no time to think or even exchange glances, they rushed there to find a sobbing wife of their best friend curled up on the stairs. She was looking like a ghost, crying like there was no tomorrow. Like today was a end of everything. Like someone had died.

- Oh my god, Leana! What's wrong, dear? Come here! - Zacky fell on his knees near the poor woman and hugged her. She was all shivering under the strength of her sobs.

- He... He's...

Brain just flied up the stairs, screaming his best friend's name till the sore throat.

- Jimmy! Jimmy!

He opened the door to the bedroom with his leg, as if in a haze. Tears ran down his cheeks when he saw the figure lying on the bed, unmoving. 

 - Jimmy...

No name

Jan. 6th, 2008 06:38 pm
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Ну что ж..Мой тысячный аккаунт..У меня был ливджорнал..Это уже второй..Чтож, буду прявляться здесь чаще..
А так, в принципе, ничего нового..Я просто лежу в постели и смотрю телек.. Тим Бартон.. Как раз на Рождество)))

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