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Title: Vikings are actually ladies in men's clothing
Pairing/Group: Kamenashi Kazuya/Yamashita Tomohisa
Rating/Warnings: NC-17. food and one sake cup of vodka
Word Count: 5,500
Summary: Yamashita felt lonely because he needed to leave for America for his Route 66 trip. He had one more boring day to spend in Japan. And Kamenashi simply couldn't sleep.
Notes: written for [personal profile] yukitsubute for [profile] je_fqfest of 2012.
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How to Comfort Your Viking )
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Title: 洋子
Pairing: Jin and Kazuya
Word count: 10,019
Rating: PG
Warnings: Extreme!AU, one of the main characters has a disability.
Summary: The story of two heartbroken children or "how fate played a trick on you and me".
Notes: written for [personal profile] defiancebyfire for Kizuna Exchange 2012.
This fic has quite an epic soundtrack yet I'd really single out Kamenashi Kazuya's "Zutto", John Lennon's "Julia" and Ed Sheeran's "Give Me Love" :) Also, [profile] kicher, you are fabulous, thank you so much for being my friend.
洋子 - [Yōko] - Ocean Child.

Now I am the Ocean Child. And you are no longer my palette (then why you still haunt my dreams) )
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Title: I want to become Scarlett O'Hara
Pairing: Bem/Bela, Bem/Koizumi Kyoko
Wordcount: 5,300
Rating: PG-13
Genre/Warning: a kind of romantic disaster.
Notes: The scenes take place in 1984*thus no mentions of Natsume and Bem’s girly crush and happen in a private porn theatre that went bankrupt; because there was a great number of various movie theatres in the 70s, but the appearance of cheap VCRs on the market in the early 80s led to a closure of many of them. Scarlett O'Hara is the main protagonist of the most famous romance novel and movie Gone with the Wind. Also, please, note that in this universe, Kyoko was born in 1939, not in 1966, because, otherwise, she’d only be 18 in 1984 and that doesn’t go well with this story, which is fictional anyways :P
Notes#2: Written for wonderful [personal profile] bellemelody at Kame Rarepair Mini Exchange.
Summary: Bela is desperate to try this one thing humans are very much addicted to. Kyoko wants to try Bem. Bem stays oblivious. Belo is forever too little for any of this.
“We will never become humans, right? Then, I want to try it… with you” )
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Title: Sala Miłośników
Pairing(s): The Judoist and One Masochistic Baseball Player
Rating: R
Genre: school drama. two people said it's fluff which I can't find here no matter how hard I look.
Warning(s): This is insipired by one Polish movie.
Summary: the tale of two abusive sportsmen.
A/N: written for [personal profile] jamie_spotty during [profile] amigo_santa. Originally posted here.

Sala Miłośników )
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Title: Booby Encounter
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: RYoko or Nishikido/Yokoyama, only as friends though
Summary: Yokoyama had to relax and loosen up from his work and his bandmates decidedly approached the matter.
Prompt: Idol Rule #3724: Don't ask girls their cup size for Team Present
Warnings: heavy usage of booze.
Notes: This is pure crack and I am so against those evil models who voted against Yoko. Burn them.
This was posted a year and a half ago, as a pinch-hit work for [ profile] je_ficgames for Team Present. I decided against posting it because the fic is bad I pinch-hitted it a day before the posting, so I was asked for smth quick and easy :|. Besides, I was dead after Ordinary. Don't judge D: But, this journal is for fic dumping anyways, so. Here it goes.
'Idol Rule #3724- Don't ask girls their cup size' )
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This fic was first posted roughly a year ago and only now I got to finish it. It didn't overcome any considerable changes as I added only the second missing part to it. I really hope someone will still remember it, though, and read it even if it's not topical anymore.
Thank you 8)

The Escapee )
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Title: The Traitor and the Dream Follower
Pairing: a traitor and a dream follower
Summary: Sometimes, people just need sleep.

♪ Golden Slumber ♪  )
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Title: Ordinary
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Nakanishi as friends, one-sided Akame
Summary: Ordinary Fridays could turn out to be so hectic yet soothing sometimes…
Prompt: You’ve been Friday’d! (please go have your eyes examined)
Written for: [ profile] je_ficgames for Team AU
Warnings: none.
Notes: I guess when I signed to write this prompt I first wanted to produce something similar to the image it gives; clouded with smoke night clubs, sweaty bodies moving to the music and, of course, some obligatory drunken fight. But, in the very end, I chose a completely opposite path. 
Ordinary for Team AU )

Le Bonheur

Aug. 21st, 2010 04:29 am
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Mon Bonheur )


Le Bonheur, fic )
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Title: AV adventures 
Author: [ profile] isolated_killer 
Pairing: Akame
Rating: totall NC-17 
Genre: smut. I swear I wanted to make it fluffy and make Kazuya the ultimatest uke ever, really! *bricks herself* 
Beta by: -
Disclaimer: See higher, I'm bricked, I can't have anyone.  
Summary: Kazuya and Jin are AV actors and they have to film a smut scene together, but are they really who they try to seem?
Author Note: For those, who doesn't know who AV actors are. And this is only the first part.
AV Adventures, P1 )
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Title: Girly Caked Encounter! 
Author: [ profile] isolated_killer 
[ profile] isolated_killer's cake!
Pairing: Kyohei/Jin or JinKyo or AKame.
Rating: totall NC-17. 
Genre: PURE SMUT. 
Beta by: -
Disclaimer: Kyohei belongs to Sunako, Jin - to Kazu-chan. 
Summary: Takano Kyohei decides to order some pizza on a lonely Valentine's day but he doesn't want to share. Besides, the guy who brings him his paid food is determined to get his tip...
Author Note: So, this was inspired by cute Kyohei and this cake made by my nee-sama [ profile] kicher. Pure smut))))) x-posted!
Girly Caked Encounter! )
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Kame’s hands are tied behind his back and he seriously thinks that it’s fucked up; him, the time, the situation and the whole scene too. He was back in that club just minutes ago, selling crack to amateur kids, but then he was hit on his head suddenly and now he’s here, in the very dark room, the light bulb illuminates only his head and a small space around him. He’s completely naked, his legs and wrists tied, he’s on his knees, his body bent low over a huge aquarium with water.
There’s some rustling behind him and Kame’s all tense and sweaty and his short hair are damp and fringes cling to his forehead. He asks who is behind him, why aren’t they speaking, he pleads for letting him free, pleads for not hurting him, but Kame gets no reply, only a sharp pain in his thigh and he screams, then a syringe falls on the floor behind him. There’s silence, only Kame’s sobbing whimpers as he feels the injected drug going up his veins into his body, all the muscles stretching and he’s getting hard and anxious, he’s shivering. It’s some drug that feels his mind up with something dirty, and Kame screams for pity, for mercy. Nothing of that is done, as there are black leather-gloved fingers on his face, caressing his cheek, pinching his nose, smoothing over his eyelids. Then the fingers roughly yank his low lip, pulling at it, and the fingers are in his mouth, pressing on his tongue. He can’t gulp, as the fingers prevent him from doing so, but when they let go, and he does, he feels the pill in his throat. He thrashes and those leather-gloved hands are on his hips and then he feels it, the poking on his unprepared backdoor, he screams for mercy again, but his mind plays tricks on him and Kame only moans loudly.
He’s entered and Kame pants in short breaths, his throat aches from the intensity of his scream of pain. Kame doesn’t feel steady anymore and he almost falls over, almost, as he wasn’t been given a chance to get used, he’s mercilessly fucked into the floor, no sounds from the fucker who must be feeling great being in such tight hole as Kame’s. His chin hits the edge of the aquarium and then one of the hands presses onto his head hard and Kame only has time to gulp some air into his lungs as he’s bent into the water. It’s so quiet deep down and Kame opens his eyes wide. His ears are filled with water and throb from the water pression, his head aches from the intensity of feelings and emotion. His body is rocking violently and he can’t bear it anymore, the lack of air, and begins thrashing, all muscles and limbs working for getting at least a bit of air. And then he hears it, that husky scream, the real scream, a shout that can make one’s throat ache in a no time. The fucker feels all of Kame’s muscles contracting; he was waiting only for that feeling of the hole, closing in on him, the squirming, the kicks, and pushes harder, getting Kame’s head out of water. The gloved-hands are massaging roughly his back when Kame splatters and feels like fainting; his mind’s clouded, only his drugged body responding to the other’s cock brushing past his prostate every now and then.
His head is bowed again, the story repeats itself and he hears that scream again and Kame comes from the loudness of it, as he hears it even under the water, dirtying the floor under himself. Kame’s still in the water when he completely loses his consciousness and the last thought that troubles his overly clouded mind is that he’s just shamefully young to die now.
Additional notes )

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