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lol... You can guess about what next drabbles will be)))))
And don't worry, there'll lots of food included...

The Tenth Bunch of FOOD drabbles  )
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This is the continuation of Dooley's drabble. My dear nee-sama insisted on using panetini (I couldn't even find the picture of it), so here it goes.

And, yes, I suppose everyone has already seen THIS. I used this too muaaahahaha

The Ninth Bunch of FOOD drabbles )
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Guys, to understand this drabble, you have to watch the 108th episode of Cartoon KAT-TUN: the one, where ANT (Akanishi, Nakamaru and Taguchi) went to the circus and learned how to do tricks. Jin was flying in the air, holding on the rail only with the support of his hands... Well, if you saw this ep, you know what I mean.
So, have to watch it before reading)))

The Sixth Bunch of FOOD drabbles )
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Title: The FOOD drabbles
Author: [ profile] isolated_killer 
[ profile] isolated_killer's food! O__O
Pairing: AKame.
Rating: PG. 
Genre: Fluff ^__^ 
Beta by: -
Disclaimer: FOOD belongs to [ profile] kicher. People belong to themselves. 
Summary: Basically, it's Akame and Food, muaahahaha...
Author Note: [ profile] kicher keept talking about the food, she makes/drinks/eats. I couldn't stand anymore drooling and started writing drabbles on every meal she suggested...
Each drabble written in less than 15 minutes *giggles* Yes, I can do that fast *pumps her fist*
The First Banch of FOOD drabbles )

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