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Title: I want to become Scarlett O'Hara
Pairing: Bem/Bela, Bem/Koizumi Kyoko
Wordcount: 5,300
Rating: PG-13
Genre/Warning: a kind of romantic disaster.
Notes: The scenes take place in 1984*thus no mentions of Natsume and Bem’s girly crush and happen in a private porn theatre that went bankrupt; because there was a great number of various movie theatres in the 70s, but the appearance of cheap VCRs on the market in the early 80s led to a closure of many of them. Scarlett O'Hara is the main protagonist of the most famous romance novel and movie Gone with the Wind. Also, please, note that in this universe, Kyoko was born in 1939, not in 1966, because, otherwise, she’d only be 18 in 1984 and that doesn’t go well with this story, which is fictional anyways :P
Notes#2: Written for wonderful [personal profile] bellemelody at Kame Rarepair Mini Exchange.
Summary: Bela is desperate to try this one thing humans are very much addicted to. Kyoko wants to try Bem. Bem stays oblivious. Belo is forever too little for any of this.
“We will never become humans, right? Then, I want to try it… with you” )
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Title: Girly Caked Encounter! 
Author: [ profile] isolated_killer 
[ profile] isolated_killer's cake!
Pairing: Kyohei/Jin or JinKyo or AKame.
Rating: totall NC-17. 
Genre: PURE SMUT. 
Beta by: -
Disclaimer: Kyohei belongs to Sunako, Jin - to Kazu-chan. 
Summary: Takano Kyohei decides to order some pizza on a lonely Valentine's day but he doesn't want to share. Besides, the guy who brings him his paid food is determined to get his tip...
Author Note: So, this was inspired by cute Kyohei and this cake made by my nee-sama [ profile] kicher. Pure smut))))) x-posted!
Girly Caked Encounter! )
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So, I know I've been taking too long to write the second part and I'm terribly sorry. But, it's really huge, like 15 pages!

1. I want to say that I don't know the name of Kazuya's niece. They call her Meiko in hanamaru, but meiko translates as a niece, so I just put it as a name. Japanese have such a name, anyways, so why bothering?
2. Planetarium is the real Kazuya's bedroom. You can see a picture of it in the Hanamaru. There's a planet on the ceiling.
3. About the phone straps - it's a white lie))))
4. Aliens have sex too.
5. The First Part Is Here.

Enjoy reading!)))))))))))
Dedicated to [ profile] kicher, who wanted "rough sex" but got lol. GANBATTE ON YOUR EXAMS, NE~!


The Continuation. The 16th of January. )
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Title: Curl me, baby! 
Author: [info]isolated_killer 
Muse: [ profile] kicher 
Pairing: Akame, the crew of Bandage and the crew of Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge.
Rating: PG-13 for this part 
Genre: angst in this part)))
Beta by: -
Disclaimer: what do you think? *arches her brow* 
Summary: These past days Kazuya and Jin were extremely busy: Jin with his movie, Kazuya with his dorama. Kazuya hears this one particular strange interview of Jin and decides that the older man is just exploiting him. This oneshot tells the story of what happened during those tiresome days from 13-15 of January.
The next part is about 16-17 of January.
Author Note: This one came with a disgust towards Jin's new hairdo))) BEWARE: this part contains THE CURLS. And this is the first part)))

Curl me, Baby! )

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