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Title: Sala Miłośników
Pairing(s): The Judoist and One Masochistic Baseball Player
Rating: R
Genre: school drama. two people said it's fluff which I can't find here no matter how hard I look.
Warning(s): This is insipired by one Polish movie.
Summary: the tale of two abusive sportsmen.
A/N: written for [personal profile] jamie_spotty during [profile] amigo_santa. Originally posted here.

The stale dusty air with a reek of sweat and dirty clothes suffocated small handfuls of people dispersed around the school gym. Despite the fact that all the windows were opened and air conditioners worked on full blast, the huge space still asphyxiated sportsmen, boys of different ages and activities. But no disgusting smell or ridiculously early hour could prevent sports groups from performing their minimum for the day. The trainers were resolute about that.

Jin, the winner of Regional High School Judo Championship, smirked as he grabbed a quirky scared boy by his shoulders and immediately tripped him on the ground, his gaunt frame plastered over the mat, as he groaned in pain. The small audience gathered near the judo class carpets, consisting solely of girls and only a couple of guys, burst out laughing as the teenager stood up shakily and walked towards the trainer, who was scolding him for being so careless in fight; nevermind the fact that Jin was two times bigger than him. “Yuya, you will never succeed in judo if you don’t work out! Switch to playing chess instead, if you can’t make yourself train seriously!” The small boy was only left to nod silently.

There was a momentary pause, and then the next fighters were up on the mat, Jin’s best friends, his “gang” as everyone called them; Ryo and Yamapi bowed silently and in the next few seconds of a not very impressive struggle Nishikido was already lying on his back, whining in pain, trying to kick Yamashita off him, his ankle twisted painfully under the other boy’s weight. “Alright, alright, you win, you’re stronger! Get off me now, off!” He slapped Tomohisa’s stretched out hand away and quickly rose up to his feet, angrily muttering under his breath and elbowing Shirota Yu in the ribs, as his friend laughed heartily. “You should’ve seen your face, Ryo-chan, so red!” The boy huffed, seeing how rapturous girls immediately surrounded Yamashita who had joined Jin in lounging on the benches.

The usual day-to-day commotion was soon interrupted by the trainer who loudly asked for silence, out voicing the excitedly shouting students. Jin paid no heed to his speech though, busied by whispering into Mika-chan’s ear, fiddling with the strands of her long black hair. She was giggling quite embarrassedly, her cheeks flushing red as Jin’s breath tickled her lobe. “As you already know, this week is an Activities Switching Week. Each sports group suggests a responsible who joins some other sport for six full days training among the usual team. He then makes a report about his picked sport to his group. And before you start saying this is useless,” he glared at the frowning young people, annoyed looks on their faces, “the school thinks it will draw our students into doing more sports, getting healthier and generally better at…”

“We know all of that already! Tell us something new, teacher!” Shirota snarled, supported by the others’ whining. The man sighed half-heartedly, deciding on skipping the indeed useless introductory part. “This semester we are switching with the baseball team,” that arose a few whistles and Yu whispered something into Ryo’s ear, making vague gestures with his hand, nodding towards the benches. That didn’t escape Jin’s gaze as he gritted his teeth, hands sliding off pouting Mika, his ears now pricked. “The responsible from our team is Kusano; he readily suggested his own candidacy, and with that helped us avoid any unnecessary arguments in the group. But, Matsumoto of the baseball team, who was supposed to join us today, has unfortunately hurt his foot a couple of days ago and won’t be able to participate in training. Alas! His place will be taken by Kamenashi Kazuya, though, so please, guide him carefully through the training.”

Jin gulped audibly, eyes boring into the approaching lean boy, his hands in fists; Yamashita who examined his friend’s state carefully, nudged him, “Hey, are you going to be okay?” Jin flipped him off, features going steady, lips frozen in a stretched bitter smirk, “Shut up! He’s going to regret ever saying a word to me,” with that he stood up and came over to the rest of the team where the boys continued to greet a politely smiling Kamenashi. As the baseball player tentatively shook hands, learning names of his new teammates, Jin butted into a generally easy-going atmosphere to retort venomously. “I thought girls weren’t allowed to play baseball. Your team couldn’t find anyone better than Matsumoto so they sent over a chick?” Silence fell over the gym as everyone stared curiously at the two of them; Jin’s eyes screamed hurt no matter how hard he tried to hide it and the baseball boy was frowning, partly shocked, partly annoyed by the other’s outburst. “Keep your opinion on people’s looks to yourself.” “Aren’t you gay anyways? So you just came here to molest us?” The trainer, along with a couple of girls at the back inhaled audibly, astonished by Jin’s rude behavior. “What does it have to do with my orientation? And we held a draw for who’s going to participate in this…” “I bet you sucked a lot of dick to be able to join…”

“Enough! Akanishi! What is wrong with you today?! ” His trainer shrieked at him, pushing fuming Kamenashi away from the other to prevent any fights. Everyone started whispering as the trainer grabbed Jin’s hand and shook him. “He got cock blocked a few weeks ago; still butthurt I’m guessing,” Shirota remarked loudly and the team burst out laughing, amused to no end. At the same time Kamenashi’s chest heaved quickly, as rage took over his whole being; he thought of flinging himself onto Jin, beating the bastard to death, but knew better of it. He exhaled, demonstratively rolling his eyes at the glares Jin sent him, and turned away, finding the whole situation simply exhausting.
Jin punched his locker’s door hard, his knuckles burning at the pain, as he growled in rage. The trainer dismissed him for today, promising to “beat this rudeness out of him” tomorrow, but Jin didn’t really care. That shouldn’t have happened. He shouldn’t have said any of that rubbish. He didn’t even mean to offend the guy in the first place; if not for the baseball boy’s abusive nature and very abusive friends. And all due to one stupid grudge.
Kusano was supposed to visit the baseball team to arrange the joining for the activities swap week and so his “faithful” friends had followed him there, excited at the prospect of officially missing one lesson. They had to wait till the baseball team’s members appeared at the meeting poin, Matsumoto, Ueda and the third boy, secretly nicknamed as “Jin’s gay crush” among his closest friends, also known as Kamenashi. The lean curvy guy wore his baseball uniform that fitted nicely at his ass so Jin, trying to seem as nonchalant as one could while checking someone out, stood aside from everyone, ogling. They spoke some serious matters, Kamenashi mostly keeping silence, not noticing anything, only nodding at the appropriate times while Jin chewed on his lip, eyes glued to the other’s striped uniform, smudges of dirt marring the dense cloth. ”’bet he’s a god of handjobs,” he thought to himself, dark-brown eyes scanning the muscly forearms and stubby fingers; he had almost imagined how deliciously hard the grip of that fist might be, lost in his own world, when a strong hand slapped him on the shoulder.

“… might have told them you were some kind of pervert,” the single scrap of conversation reached Jin’s ears, and his eyes shot up to see the baseball team’s boys glaring at him. Confused, Jin stared back; his friends were hard to reach at that moment giving they were giggling into their palms like a bunch of sissies obviously finding the situation amusing, so he was left with no answer as to why everyone’s attention was suddenly on him. The tension in his body increased when Kamenashi unexpectedly stepped up to him and his insides clenched, when the boy growled: “If you think it’s funny to laugh at someone’s orientation, I bet you’ll find this quite amusing too…”

Jin had very dim recollections of the following few minutes. The only thing he felt when he was conscious again was a rolled up napkin haphazardly stuffed into his nostril.
Jin had been crossed up. By none other than Kamenashi’s shaven best friend, Ueda, whose looks made him more similar to the prisoners sentenced to death, rather than normal high-school students. Ueda, who had told Kamenashi that Jin was the one traducing his open gay reputation and calling him names, spreading some malignant gossip all over the school. Ueda who had been dying to take revenge on the gang’s Nishikido Ryo, whatever means it’d take him to disturb the guy’s peace. Be it through hurting his friends by disturbing Jin himself, because he was careless enough to be bros with poison-tongued Ryo; Jin who carelessly and not very secretly wanted in Kamenashi’s pants which Ueda could not approve of. Ueda was one sly cock-block. And a sexually frustrated Akanishi Jin was an abusive Akanishi Jin; thus, the tale became a fact, and Jin might have really crossed the line with the number of foul words he had almost unwittingly used on his not so little gay crush.
The moment their fuming trainer evaporated behind the hall’s swinging doors leading Nishikido with a bleeding lip and Ueda who had suddenly developed a bad limp to the infirmary, the acute tension in the room had increased ten-fold.

It was Saturday. Saturday was supposed to be the last day of the Activities Switching Week. The participants had to invite their teams to present the reports each, show some basic skills they had achieved during one week and try to interest the teammates; try to prove there was any point in this switching to begin with. Kamenashi was not doing very well; the past week was spent with him being constantly bullied by Akanishi, the guy’s stupid gang only adding fuel to the fire as they catcalled and burst out helpless laughing when the number infinity brawl happened. His report wasn’t very positive, in fact, it was anything but that, as he joyfully bashed the cruel sport that was judo, enjoying the surprised faces of teachers and students alike, as they listened to him ramble on about all the disadvantages of that activity. Jin was angry, but at the same time, confused wondering how one person could not find at least a single plus in something Jin adored with his whole heart; judo was something Akanishi had been doing since the very childhood, cherishing the hours he had spent in the gym to become as skillful as he was now. And when Jin’s object of infatuation was so openly criticizing something Jin loved, the man just couldn’t keep out.

But the thing was Nishikido had been no less hurt by such unfair words of that “idiot” Kamenashi, and so he forestalled Jin as he jumped to his feet, screaming obscenities at the boy; readily, as if he had been waiting just for that, Ueda sprang at him, knocking Ryo down, giving a silent sign to start the fight. No one was fast enough to react. But minutes later, the fumbling on the floor boys were dragged apart and the teams’ trainers, having shouted for good ten minutes at each of them, led the boys away. That did not help to ease the tension inside the stinky stuffy hall. The members of both teams glared at each other and mutual hatred slowly filled in the space, suffocating the boys, maddening them even more.

“Keep your wild friend on a leash, Kamenashi,” Shirota grumbled and with his words, the commotion began. Baseball players and judoists were now interchanging slighting remarks, their voices harsh and glares sharp; as if on cue, they all stood up, a bald yakuza-looking guy making a loud disappointed noise at having fucking forgotten to bring my baseball bat, your stupid face’s just asking for it, and thus Nakamaru, the most peaceful member of the judo club, stricken in his very soul by the abuse, his rather big nose being a gentle topic, attacked. As the sportsmen jumped each other’s bones, somehow Jin was sure it was no longer about him bullying and making nasty comments about Kamenashi’s gay orientation; it was all about too proud boys afraid to be considered wrong and the necessity to prove the point. Whatever that point each of them was trying to prove was, possibly different for every member of the fight.

“Are you, like, sleeping together or something?” Jin interjected, as he saw Kamenashi argue with Yamashita. Akanishi had to roll his eyes as he saw his best friend shield Yuya, that dystrophic boy Tomohisa insisted on calling “their team’s mascot”, from angry students; the only logical reason why a person of Yuya’s build would ever try judo was that he happened to be Yamashita’s bitch. Everyone in their team knew it, everyone kept silence; it wasn’t like Tomohisa, as daring as he was, could force someone into a relationship anyways, so everything had to be mutual. Honestly, Jin didn’t care. At the moment, he was pissed by receiving no reaction from Kamenashi, the guy having simply decided on ignoring him. So Jin continued, his voice sharp as a needle. “I thought Ueda’s had better taste in women than that,” he turned towards Yamashita, but his words were directed right at Kamenashi. “The guy’s just pitying the poor little gay bo.. Woah”

As he kept his gaze on Tomohisa, he had missed how Kamenashi’s face turned completely red, eyes narrowed; Jin had no time to duck when the other threw a pile of papers at him, the sequence lost as sheets flew around Jin, some smacking him on the face. But Kamenashi was sly, and the taste of revenge - sweet; as Jin fumbled around, tearing his report to pieces in rage, the baseball player jumped at him, a loud war cry on his lips as his knee collided against Jin’s stomach and he managed to bring Akanishi down, the guy groaning in pain. That served as a cue for others to start inflicting physical damage on each other as well, finally; hands clutched, fists flew, feet kicked &ndash. The mass of fighting bodies had steadily outgrown into a horrible creature that only kept moaning in pain and triumph alike.

But Akanishi paid them no heed; his pride was deeply hurt. And he saw red as he lost control over his actions, his brain going blank just like it did each time he was on the ring of judo competitions. Growling, he jumped to his feet and attacked the smaller baseball player; he grabbed the other by his neck and quickly tripped him, using most basic judo techniques of a fight, but putting much more force than needed into one simple gesture. He was delighted to hear Kamenashi lose his breath as the boy’s head collided with the mat; but the fight was nowhere near the end. Used to being constantly tripped up by members of rival teams as he ran through the baseball field towards the needed bases, Kamenashi quickly collected himself, and in the next moment he was the one gripping Akanishi by his shoulder, trying to twist the guy on his side, but Jin was faster, the fight on the ring being his forte; once again he tripped the boy, fingers tugging hard on the hair at his nape, enjoying the pained expression on his face. His joy, though, didn’t last long and the grin fell from his face as in the next moment Kamenashi headbutted him in the already suffered stomach, grabbing him by his sides and crashing him onto the mats.

Jin didn’t give himself any time to recover from the pain, as he rolled them over, locking Kamenashi’s kicking knee between his legs, gripping his neck with one hand and the other – pressing the wriggling boy to the floor. Kamenashi desperately struggled against Jin’s hold, as he grabbed him by the white lapels of his judo uniform and at the same time tried kicking the guy in the side, but Jin managed to force his hands down, as he thrust against him, willing to level him up with the mats if needed just to make Kamenashi submit to his power; and then the older boy felt it. The sharp pelvic bones digging in hips. Stubby fingers, he had been fantasizing about for so long, clenching around the fabric of his sports kimono, pushing him away. He stared at Kamenashi’s face, so close, tiny drops of sweat sliding down the boy’s forehead, his nostrils flaring in rage and lack of air, thin lips pursed as if the boy was afraid to let out any sounds. And then suddenly, Jin's lips were pressed to Kamenashi's; both pairs of eyes wide, staring. The boy's body tensed under him even more if possible; his bare chest stopped heaving, as Kamenashi held his breath either in fear or astonishment, Adam's apple bobbing up, as he gulped with difficulty. A painfully long minute later, and Jin's eyes showed a tiny shadow of a smile, the tip of his tongue poking out to lick Kamenashi's lips. The boy screwed his eyes up, surprised, and tried to detach himself from Jin, his mind having finally caught up with the situation; his hips heaved off the mat in his attempt to get free just to be pressed down by Jin's trained, made of steel ones, as the older boy crushed him down once again.

All of a sudden, Jin was letting out a quiet moan into his cheek, wetted with saliva lips sliding over his tender skin, as he once again moved his hips down, a tiny thrust but enough to make Kamenashi scandalized, the younger boy hitting him in the back, eyes clouded with fear; never had he felt another guy's body so close to his, frightened by the pressure of Jin's awakening groin against his. But Jin seemed determined as he grabbed his chin and forced his face upright, plump lips catching his, a mischievous tongue making its way into his mouth. Kamenashi was not sure what he was supposed to feel at the moment: the lips meshing his, a tongue coaxing his languid one or the stinging from Jin's hipbones digging into his, as the older boy thrust against him, so sporadically, unskillfully. They both had to stop the frenzy of a kiss, with Kamenashi gulping down a groan, and Jin moaning loudly into his hair, both surprised by the twitch of the younger boy's hips; Kamenashi blushed, realizing that his body couldn't not react to the manhandling, and he let go of Jin's kimono, the fabric too crumpled to seem decent, to palm his face in shame. Jin frowned, responding on the move harder, tugging Kamenashi's struggling hands away from his face, pinning his wrists above his head. Kamenashi shook his head at him, protesting, as Jin arched into him, still holding him, pressing their crotches as hard together as he could, staring at the younger boy's flushed face. Licking his dry abused lips, he leaned over to whisper something into his ear.

A moment and a few desperate, almost painful thrusts later, Kamenashi was silently crying out under him, hips heaving off the mat, his boxers dirty and a wet spot quickly spreading over his tracksuit's pants. Jin, turned on by the sting and the other's noises, followed suit, collapsing onto Kamenashi, his cum unseen on the white of his sports kimono. Through Jin's wet bangs, he saw Kamenashi wince, eyes still closed, wrists still enclosed in Jin's fingers. He smiled at the other's flushed face, chuckling when the boy whined. He was deigned with a glare.

"You molested me," Kamenashi whispered breathlessly, staring into Jin's dark mischievous eyes. "I've wanted to do it for a very long time actually," was the reply coupled with a smirk. "Idiot, I hate you, get the fuck off me," they both made no effort to get up. "So, you like me too?" Jin's eyes glinted with joy. "I fucking don't, no," Kamenashi almost whined, scandalized with himself. "Oh, don't deny it," Jin poked him in the cheek. "Get away from me. I have a baseball bat. I know how to use it," Kamenashi tried. "Never. And I do have a bat of my own too. Wanna see?" Jin wriggled his eyebrows at him.

Kamenashi gulped down a useless retort, rolling his eyes. He had always known himself to be one big masochist.

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