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Aug. 21st, 2010 04:29 am
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God, I'm in an utterly great mood here. It's rare, so rare. I spent two the most lovely nights and one most beautiful day - I'm a happy camper now, it's true. First, The Last Promise with too much sushi and beer, some great chocolate pudding and refreshing soda water. Then, my awkward but lovely birthday. Yes, only two small presents but too many postcards, granny forgetting my invitation and too tired family - it was still surreal and... cute.
Now, Notting Hill. I might see you this fall, you only wait for me.

'Happiness isn’t happiness without a violin playing goat.' ©



Now, about my departure. I'm leaving for Korea in two days omg I still haven't packed anything at all x_x I will return in a week or so, but my uni kicks in at the same days, so... Oh, fuck, I will still continue to write, only Louis Garrel or Kamenashi Kazuya naked on my bed can prevent me from doing so.
End of the report.

Wait for me, guys. I'm gonna have great time in Korea.

Sorry for the long post if you still decided to read it.


Now straight to the fic itself))
This is my birthday present for myself.

Tiny stubby fingers dived into the knoll of sand, kneading it and clumsily trying to shape dry grains, but only making a bigger mess than before. The small palm squeezed sand in a pudgy fist, throwing shapeless grains away in a fit of temper, when the sand pie refused to build itself. The girl of three dressed in yellow pantyhose and frilly red dress furrowed her eyebrows then, pouting cutely at the sandbox, and stood up abruptly, throwing her green spattle into the nearby puddle. With a gloomy look, she marched towards the swings, knocking over a toddler on her way there. The tiny baldy boy who had been energetically running from his toddler friend, fell on his knees but didn’t seem to mind it though, as he no less enthusiastically began crawling further down the lawn, squeaking loudly. The girl only snorted at his primitive way of expressing his joy, as she turned and continued her way down the bright green grass. Out of sudden, the child stopped with her eyes wide as she blinked confusedly. Not wasting any second, she then plopped down onto her fanny and pulled off her small brown shoe, shaking it violently in attempt to get the mischievous pebble out of the slipper.

Children of all ages ran around the playground, screaming loudly at each other, playing different games, climbing down the numerous ladders and walls, pushing each other over the slides before the day at the kindergarten came to its official end. At such moments the huge garden with rose bushes seemed like a living organism which had hundreds of limbs that moved chaotically, getting tangled more and more with each passing second as children became more anxious waiting for their mothers to come. Though, as abruptly as the games started, they all were paused at moments when one young man appeared at the threshold, periodically calling out names and surnames of kids whose parents at last showed up to drive them home after another tiring day.

As strong warm hands pulled up the small girl with her shoe still off by the armpits she giggled quietly, already knowing who the stranger was, as her small turned-up nose was invaded by the familiar tasty smell of freshly baked buns. Not even sparing the man a glance as he held her, she buried her face in the long messy locks on his neck, breathing loudly, making him chuckle slightly at the ticklish feeling her soft pigtails left on his skin. He whispered cute nonsense about ponies into her ear as they made their way into the colourfully painted house and she dangled her legs lazily; one tiny foot bare of her brown shoe that she kept squeezing in her small fist. She heard him whisper something about her uncle who was going to dress her into her coat and she nodded sleepily, not really minding when her arms and legs were pulled forward gently; as the coat hugged her small body, she felt even warmer and fell asleep right in the safe embrace, surrounded by the smell of baked bread.
Kame muffled his laughter with his hand when Akanishi continued some apparently funny story as they left the kindergarten’s building and slowly paced to Kamenashi’s nearby parked car. Jin held Meiko, Kazuya’s niece, in his embrace as the small girl slept soundlessly, squeezing the folds of Jin’s navy blue apron among her fingers when they crossed the street and approached the auto. The sun was already half lying on the horizon, lighting up the sky in the bright orange, as the men bid their last goodbyes.
Awkwardly standing at the roadside with his hands in pockets, the shorter man hesitated to utter a single word as the kindergarten’s keeper carefully pried the child’s hands from his clothes and safely put her into the baby seat at the back of the car; he lovingly fastened the safety belt and pinched her turned-up nose, smiling at her sleepy frown. Jin then stepped away to close the door quietly and turned to Kame, the touching smile turning into an embarrassed kind of look as their eyes met. They didn’t say anything, so openly feeling for each other but so stupidly and childishly afraid of the eating up emotion, that the small pause became a silent minute until Jin shuddered at the cold windy air that hit his almost bare body; a simple flannel shirt doing nothing to keep him warm.

Sighing exasperatedly, the taller man stretched his hand forward hoping for a quick handshake that would save him from more embarrassment but, apparently, Kame thought different as he, instead, pulled Jin by his sleeve, making the boy’s breath hitch when the thin pink lips met his chapped ones. He stared at Kazuya’s shivering eyelids as the boy closed his eyes to get lost in the kiss and secretly admired the way the other’s lashes brushed his flushed cheeks; Kazuya was so undeniably handsome. The blondish lock fell over his forehead and Jin had the urge to tuck it behind his ear when suddenly Kame opened his mischievous eyes too and smiled, their lips still connected. And Jin lost it, forcing the giggling man into his embrace, stealing Kazuya’s warmth and heart away.

Boy, he fell utterly hard for the other.


This is written for "The FLUFF/CRACK/SMUT/HUMOR FICS MONTH" Project ♥ A very lovely thing going on out there, go check it out now ^_^
Not add here but one of those fics is my birthday present. I freakin' rock.
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