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This fic was first posted roughly a year ago and only now I got to finish it. It didn't overcome any considerable changes as I added only the second missing part to it. I really hope someone will still remember it, though, and read it even if it's not topical anymore.
Thank you 8)

Kame is in a deep slumber, for the very first time this month. He's dreaming of Ran-chan getting kidnapped, himself, as a vampire hunting for her and, then everything blackens out suddenly, and he's dancing along with Jin on some rooftop.
Kame's slumber is uneasy and he's frowning in his dream. It’s that kind of sleep when you feel trapped in the cocoon of your blankets and sheets, so you’re sweating a lot and your head feels like an overblown balloon ready to burst. The instant ringing he hears in his head doesn’t help to ease the situation either. The sound grows louder with each passing moment and Kame thinks it's his alarm clock trying to bring him back to real life. He extends his hand forward, still not able to rip the sleepiness off, and forcefully plops his palm over the small timepiece, knocking it over.
As the clock hits the wooden floor, the display glass crashes into a thousand of tiny pisses and the loud sound makes Kame jump on his bed. His hair is incredibly disheveled and there are huge eye bags under his widened bloodshot eyes. Feeling groggy from his heavy sleep, Kazuya wipes a bit of drool from his chin and creases his eyebrows. He winces when the ear bursting sound of the doorbell reaches his aching head. So, that was not his alarm clock.
- What the... – Kame grumbles under his breath, glancing at the table to see what the exact time is, just to realize that it was his clock that has hit the floor mere seconds ago. Kazuya heaves a tired sigh. He looks over at the curtained window and sees the dim light peeking into the crack.
So, it must be an early morning already. He whispers some unintelligible words and creeps out of the bed and his room, stooping like some old man over 80. There, in the corridor, Kazuya stills. The bell is still ringing, ruining the quiet and peaceful atmospheric morning and that someone unknown doesn't seem to be embarrassed by the early hour of his visit at all. Kazuya narrows his eyes.
He gulps and takes a hold of his newly autographed by famous baseball players bat. Whether the signs will smudge if they get stained by blood or not, he'll worry later.
Kame slowly comes up to the door, slightly panting from the excitement he’s feeling and peeks into the spy hole. His vision is greeted by the image of something huge stripped white&black and nothing else can be seen through the tiny hole. Kazuya licks his lips. Twice.
- Who is it?! - He croaks out, wincing at the sound of his own voice. He remembers faintly how he gulped down 5 cans of beer yesterday evening and went to bed with a heavy head.
Not that it seems to be less heavy now.
As he doesn't get any reply and the ringing doesn't stop for any minute too, Kazuya heaves a determined sigh and takes a step back, his bat in readiness. The idea of simply calling the guard from below doesn’t even cross his hazed mind as he unlocks the door and quickly opens it up, heaving his bat highly above his head.
But, he doesn't have time to use it though as something huge, heavy and quite smelly too crashes onto his shoulders, squeezing him tightly. The bat falls onto the floor with a loud clack, and Kazuya gasps, finding himself pressed against the wall, scared and shocked. The intruder is clinging to him and the strong smell of alcohol, sweat and cigarettes hits Kame’s nose hard. This someone has a huge stripped hoodie on so Kame can't distinguish his face, while he’s being groped all over. He tries to push preferably a man away, but his eyes grow wide when suddenly his shirt is yanked off and a first wet kiss lands onto his exposed shoulder. He whimpers.
- Please, take all the money, anything, but don't touch me, please.
The person chuckles hoarsely into his ear, his head too close, and it makes Kame wince and turn his face away as in illusion of keeping some distance between them, but warm fingers take a hold of Kame's chin and forcefully turn his head back. - You're really easy, silly. And, what if I was a real rapist? I'd fuck you right here and then, after listening to your begging.
Kame’s eyes widen, hearing that, and he pushes the huge figure away, shocked. He frowns and blinks, gaping at the standing in front of him person, who’s grinning smugly and so stupidly familiar, making Kame flail in a helpless gesture.
- I can't believe it. I refuse to believe it! Akanishi, is that you?!
Kazuya rubs his eyes furiously and pinches his earlobe once in attempt to wake himself up, because obviously, he’s still dreaming as now he sees one crouching on his floor from laughter Akanishi Jin. The one, who’s supposed to be in L.A. now, organizing his own concerts, singing his own songs, making his long-dated dream come true and, most importantly, earning money for their Christmas trip to Paris.
If he remembered clearly, just yesterday, they were talking on the phone and Jin said that he had a lot of work with sets and dance routine and something else about his songwriting, and he was still there, in America. That means he can't possibly be in Japan now, in his hallway, laughing and looking so obviously drunk, right? Right?!
- You're so cute, when you're sleepy and confused like that, - after his outburst of laughter is gone, Jin pulls the other into a tight and warm hug, squeezing the smaller guy in his arms. And as Kazuya doesn’t protest anymore, he hesitantly attaches his dry and chapped lips to Kame's thin ones, gradually getting hungrier, roughly nipping on them, and unintentionally breaking the tender skin there.
- Wait... Jin... - Kame tries to pull away but the older man moves with him, resulting in his attempts to be useless. Jin seems to be everywhere with his lips and hands, lost in the sensations, kissing, sucking and obviously, being too hungry for some real action. His fingers are digging into the white flesh as he hurriedly gropes Kame’s body down, getting familiar with the feeling of holding the younger man once again, groaning in joy.
- Shut up... Don’t get distracted, babe, - Jin palms Kame’s face, covering his cheeks with chaste kisses and flicks of tongue, here and there, as if quickly, but carefully tasting the waters.
- You're supposed to be wor... Ow!... working, - Kame manages to pant out as the plump lips travel lower onto his neck, choosing the best and tastiest place to suck on. The younger man’s eyes roll up and he throws his head back, bumping it into the wall, cursing while Jin pauses for a second, backing away a little just to appraise the mark he has just made. Nodding to himself slightly, he smiles at Kazuya, closing the distance between them once again, staring into the other’s eyes.
- I am, babe.
- Jin, the hell, tell me how did you turn up at my door, now, - Kame's right leg gets hooked over Jin's waist and the older man grinds into him, groaning languidly, not exactly appeased by doing only this. He doesn’t seem to be affected by the whole situation and an early hour at all; he acts as if he’s supposed to be here, not miles away in some other country, while kissing softly the cheek of Kame’s frowning face in an ordinary way. They share an unspoken moment of silence, filling their senses with each other’s presence, until Jin loses his patience and presses their lower halves harder together, making the younger man gasp in surprise at the feeling of Jin’s erection against his thigh. – Tell me…
- I ran away... Got tired of everything… – Jin whispers in reply to Kazuya’s groaned out words and they engage into a kiss, full of lips and tongues and lots of saliva; those hurried and quite awkward kisses that only long-dating lovers can share without being embarrassed by the force of their lust.
- Idiot.
They fumble with each other's limbs and clothes in the darkness, with Jin whining constantly as Kame’s bony elbows dig into his ribs and the younger man’s pure white cotton shirt landing on the dirty hallway floor, and Kame only has time to lock the forgotten front door when Jin drags him forcefully into the bedroom, both half-naked and impatient.
They stumble on the small fluffy IKEA carpet at the very entrance of Kazuya’s room and the smaller man yelps when Jin throws him onto the bed in a burst of lust and gasps for air when the other ungracefully plops down on top of him.
- God, you've been eating only junk food again? Fat! - Kame screams and then giggles uncontrollably, pushing Jin away as the man bites onto his nipple, offended. Jin hurriedly hooks his fingers into the waistband of Kazuya’s pants and tries to pull the piece of clothes down, simultaneously covering the other’s bosom with kisses when Kame stops him by grabbing his face and pulling him forward so they could regard each other properly.
- Wait, stop for a moment, let me look at you.
Jin blinks and licks his lips, being oddly nervous, and glances down at his lover, his eyes attentively scanning the other’s missed features. They still completely, scrutinizing, and even their breaths come out in hushed puffs of air as they’re taking a small pause in order to have a good look at each other’s appearances; Kame suddenly smiles and gently touches Jin’s cheek, his nails scraping over his stubble, as he takes in the other’s tired, but otherwise well sunburned face, everlasting eye bags, dry full lips and thick messy hair. But in his admiring state, he fails to notice how the older man frowns while looking at him; his skin that once again acquired an unhealthy yellow tint, and his huge eye bags that simply scream that their owner doesn’t get much needed sleep, and, probably, food, again.
- You look great, as always, - Kame whispers, smiling genuinely, as he runs his thumb over Jin's cheek. The other just grits his teeth in reply and averts his gaze, feeling bothered.
- You look like shit, though. Kame, you're again at it? Not eating properly, overworking till early in the morning? The story repeats itself once again, I see… – The taller man tells him off through gritted teeth, appearing to be angry suddenly, and pushes Kame's hand away from his face, loosening the grip on the smaller guy. Kazuya frowns then, and leans up on his elbows, peering at Jin, his features instantly hardening, making his weary face look even more tired than ever. Jin’s eyes once again unconsciously examine the other boy’s body and he gulps, seeing the palpable ribs. He suddenly feels guilty for leaving, again.
- What the fuck, Jin. If I look tired, doesn't mean you have to throw it at my face like that, - Kame purses his lips in a way more familiar gesture than any other and glares daggers at Jin; the look that would make anyone squirm, anyone, but Jin. The older man heaves an annoyed groan and sits up, not that horny anymore.
- Well, sorry for being honest, - he counters in an exaggeratedly loud voice, looking sideways and refusing to meet Kame’s eyes.
- Oh, sorry for not being sexy enough. If you wanted some nice fuck, better return back to LA’s bitches; I heard they give it out right in the streets there, - as Jin’s mouth falls open in shock and surprise, his eyes screaming hurt, Kame still continues to grumble, gradually silencing to the end of the sentence. – Come on, go, the front door’s always open…
And when Jin's face turns a nice shade of red, Kame knows he has crossed the line. He licks his lips, feeling guilty, and a heavy pause settles in the room, filling up every possible corner. Jin’s shoulders fall and he sighs heavily, deep in his own thought, while Kame squirms in his seat and crosses his arms on his chest in a protective gesture, leaning on the headboard and pulling the waistband of his pants higher over his stomach. He now feels awkward, not knowing what to say, and this state is the one that Kame hates most – feeling embarrassed by his own actions, as he has no one else to blame for being overly talkative or stupid.
- Jin, listen, sorry, I was just... - …having my period, Kame silently rolls his eyes at his own randomness, annoyed at himself. He feels so drained and tired at the moment, that he actually surprises himself how he still has any will to care.
- Whatever, you're just saying what's on your mind. Kame, seriously, I thought that at least you knew that it all was bullshit, and that I'm kinda not that shallow and stuff, - Jin says in a serious voice, looking accusingly at the other who just stares unblinkingly into one point at the floor. – But, now, it appears to be that everyone’s convinced I went to LA only to party while my poor bandmates are working their asses off on their “world” tour. Heck, it can’t even be called world, dammit! You’re travelling through Asia, for fuck’s sake! Guh!
- Jin, I...
- Oh, forget it! – He waves at him, at once silencing Kame’s following pitiful attempts at defending himself, the tour and “poor” bandmates. They just sit there in silence, Kame’s eyes running over Jin’s offended features while the older man frowns and huffs his cheeks. They sit there, on the soft white sheets in silence, and contrary to the atmosphere in the room, it gets lighter and lighter with each passing minute right behind the curtains. The stripe of morning light travels, slowly but steadily, towards the edge of the bed, and Jin’s thoughtful eyes seem glued to that one spot of light, so when the older man suddenly palms his face and groans in annoyance, breaking the frozen moment, Kazuya stiffens in his seat in surprise.
- Fuck, I was so drunk and happy just minutes ago. You ruined my fun, dimwit.
Kame blinks in shock, hearing such childish words, and frowns disbelievingly at Jin, who turns away from him in attempt to hide his face. Another second passes by, and Kazuya cracks up, silently chuckling at the taller man’s antics, hiding his features behind his clenched fist. Out of sudden, he seems to be finding the whole situation amusing, moreover, even, funny; the way Jin turned up at his door, so unexpectedly and smelly, the make-out session in the hallway instead of a proper greeting, their stupid useless fight. A second later, Kame is chocking from his hysterical laughter, hitting the sheets with his palm; god, not even 20 minutes passed as he’s awake but he has already fought with Jin, who is supposedly in LA, while trying to get laid. And it’s not even helping that he has work at 10 am. The absurdity of it all makes exhausted Kame double from laughter.
Jin smiles unconsciously, seeing the smaller man laugh so helplessly and kind of scarily, eyeing him cautiously. He doesn’t know if Kame’s actions must offend him further or that he’s supposed to laugh along with his boyfriend. He simply can’t tell what has gotten into the other, and Jin wonders if that’s the alcohol or separation that prevents him from reading the younger boy now. Let’s just say that he’s never been best at it in the first place. Disappointed, Jin sniffs at his own everlasting rhinitis, the smile leaving his features, as he longingly thinks of twisted blankets and his boyfriend’s warm side pressed into his arm, cups of burning hot coffee and American morning waffles as he looks out the window, while Kame’s crazy laughter gradually subsides.
Kazuya’s still hiccupping, rubbing on his eyes, when Jin decides to take a small tour around the flat and let himself be in the blues for some time. He has been feeling homesick in LA, and now when he’s actually at home, all the sensations are rushing back; the flowery smell of washed sheets, the strawberry-flavoured Kazuya, the very strong odour of dogs and the feeling of moving. Of constant moving and stress, and never stopping process, while there, in LA, under the merciless sunlight, you are all laid-back and lazy, but, a strange thing, you don’t have a nagging feeling that it’s wrong. On the contrary, you get used to it rather quickly, if you’re Jin, of course.
Sighing heavily, the oblivious older boy lowers his legs onto the floor, carried away by his thoughts, but just to result in his foot landing right in the puddle of tiny pieced crashed glass, Jin howls loudly and jumps back onto the bed, his eyes wide more from the shock and surprise than from the pain of such a spontaneous contact.
- What the hell, Kame?! There is some fucking broken glass on your floor!
Kame's eyes widen at the memory of his knocked over clock and he heaves a surprised gasp, quickly reaching for the switch of his small lamp and grabbing his reading glasses from the bedside table. He firmly takes a hold of Jin’s ankle and pushes away the other’s clumsy hands which are twisting the possibly injured leg in some useless attempts to check if the sacred body part is bleeding. Licking his lips with concentration, Kame scrutinizes the foot carefully, but sees nothing, as not even a tiny scratch spoils Jin’s surprisingly soft skin on his heel and toes. Kame affectionately rubs his palm over the surface making the boy on the covers squirm, sighing; Kazuya smiles then, naughty thoughts flooding his mind, remembering what they were doing, or, better say, trying to.
The seconds pass by quickly, and as Jin lies on his back, his right leg hooked over Kazuya’s waist carelessly, the left one resting in the hands of his nursing boyfriend, he has time to peek at the frown on Kame’s face and examine his features more carefully. He likes the way Kazuya’s tired but nonetheless handsome face lights up with care as he looks at Jin’s foot, likes the way Kame’s stubby fingers run over his skin; such a fleeting but still telling touch. His eyes don’t fail to notice those tiny details which make the “morning Kame” a lot more natural than the usual “workaholic on caffeine Kamenashi”: his half-nakedness, being dressed only in his old grey sweatpants and, for once, those old-fashioned loose boxer shorts, the pale skin on his chest that the little lamp lights up with a soft orange glow, a small crease between his neatly done eyebrows and a pair of elegant glasses that went down on the very tip of his crooked nose as a finishing zest. Jin bites his lip, squirming and averting his gaze, thus preventing himself from saying anything unnecessary. Kazuya looks handsome, in such a homely comforting way and he can’t believe he actually called him ugly a moment ago. Kazuya never looks ugly, Jin understands it now. Just tired. As always. Only now, this “tired” outgrew into an “exhausted” kind of look.
- So, what’s there? Am I bleeding? Will I die? – Jin asks mockingly, arching his brow, feeling relaxed and unworried, again; the atmosphere in the room is of warmness and coziness and he doesn’t want to break the spell just yet. They keep silence, setting everything on a short pause and Jin heaves a very deep sigh, exhaling the air slowly, his eyes closed from the tranquility he feels. He is happy that he doesn’t have to worry about anything at the moment, though, deep inside, he knows he can’t just let it all go and stay here forever, in the comforting warmth of the bed sheets; his career and possible future success, the chances he could only imagine of getting, his dreams that are so successfully being put into action at the moment – all that is really important for Jin and he doubts he could ever trade it for anything else, even if the place where he belongs for the time being is here, on this bed, caught up in the blankets and hazed by a quiet and lazy morning. And nevermind that just a moment ago, they were fighting.
- I think we will need an ambulance, Jin. And, doctors, lots of doctors. Maybe, your leg will have to be removed, - Kame says in a shushed serious voice, his brows furrowed as he looks down at Jin from above his low-sitting glasses. His glance is playful and telling and it makes Jin feel excited and impatient, the long-forgotten feeling of butterflies flying around inside his stomach rushes back fast, back on full speed; if Kazuya is really promising him something, then he’d better get down to business now, because Jin can’t wait as he’s grinning like mad, his eyes closed from all the sensations.
- Oh my god, I should have just stayed in America… This is so horrible, - He whispers back, his neck arched into the sheets as he's stretching; lazy and still unaware of his lover's sly plans. Kame just nods with a faked seriousness, while patting the completely healthy foot. He has almost forgotten how fun it is to play with Jin. He has really missed it, God. These days he got used to giving his whole attention to the dogs, pampering them as they filled his free time with joy instead of loneliness. But his newly bought puppy always stayed a puppy; Jin, on the other hand, could be so much more when he wanted, demanded him to.
- Kazu, are you sure, we will have to remove it? Maybe, it's not that bad? - Jin pulls the blanket from under him, squirming, and stares at Kame, looking extremely adorable, willingly playing along.
- Well, Jin, there's another way. Less painful, but still quite bothersome. You'll have to stay strong and courageous, okay?
Jin nods, verisimilar sniffing and Kame grins victoriously.
He draws Jin's leg closer and the next moment his tongue is sweeping over the soft skin, the tip of Kazuya's nose tickling him. He takes his big toe into his mouth, biting on it gently, while his hand is rubbing onto the older man's ankle, another sensitive secretive spot of his. Jin gasps, his eyes half-closed and he throws his head back, fidgeting, and fighting the urge to shut his eyes as he wants to watch Kame's dexterous movements carefully. The younger man kisses each of Jin's toes, and moves lower, kissing the sole softly as his fingernails scratch his ankle, twisting the cloth bracelet the man has on there. Jin gasps at that and tries to pull his leg back.
- Kazu, I'm not sure...
- Shut up, I'm trying to help here, - Kame husks out and Jin purses his lips, the image of Kame, being in control, with his hair disheveled and glasses low on his nose, kind of making him dizzy. But he can't really ponder on it, as Kame moves lower, sucking on Jin's ankle, nipping on the skin as he leaves a mark, harshly pulling on Jin's bracelet, making the other thrash and moan, half protesting and half going crazy at the thought of having a hickey on his ankle. But the younger man, fortunately, isn't affected by the other's state of being, distractedly opens up Jin's belt buckle and his zipper, still leaving a trail of saliva on his skin. The pants are removed, Jin fists the sheets and silently gasps as he stares into the ceiling, feeling Kame's teeth nipping roughly on his thigh, his frame lit up by the lamp and sun peeking through the curtains.
Kame moves faster than usual, Jin notes, as if the idea that his lover's really there, hits Kazuya only now and he tries to quickly get a hold of him, feel him up, afraid that Jin will disappear into the morning haze, just like his dreams with each and every sunrise. And Jin's moan sounds so unrestrained and loud and is sure to wake up the neighbors when Kame quickly throws away his boxers and mouthes his length, taking it all on the very first try, experienced and eager to please.
Jin groans and pulls the blanket over his head in a frenzy when the hot tongue rubs onto the underside of his cock and warm fingers fumble swiftly with his balls.
- Ah, Kame... fuck, I missed your blowjobs...
- Sure, you did, - Kazuya grins, letting go of his cock, as he laps teasingly over Jin's covered lips, drawing the cloth away from the other's face. His fingers grasp Jin's chin in an attempt to prevent the man from fidgeting. The blanket's forgotten when they stare at each other, Jin's hair in one big mess and Kazuya's lips - of cherry red color, glistening. The smug smile appears on Kazuya's face then and Jin is forcing the blush away, rolling his eyes.
- Here, open your mouth, pumpkin, - Jin does open up unenthusiastically, furrowing his brows at the lame petname, and Kazuya plunges two fingers inside his cavern. His free hand stumbles busily over the older man's body, until Jin's hoodie is on the floor, covering the glass shards and the broken alarm clock from the eyes, not that they even notice this fact. Jin isn't hurried in his motions as his eyes are closed leisurely and his tongue generously licks Kazuya's fingers. He seems so into wetting his digits, that Kame can't help but tease.
- So, how many girlfriends do you have there, Akanishi? Or should I say 'boyfriends'? - Kame whispers into Jin's neck mockingly and laughs, his evil chuckles outgrowing into a yelp of pain when Jin's knee drives into his buttocks. - Ouch! Feisty...
Jin unceremoniously spits out the fingers at that and frowns, his slightly dazed eyes unraveling a mix of lust and annoyance.
- Then I bet you had your ways with every possible junior that...
Jin hiccups, seized with a sudden wave of pain, as Kazuya thrusts the wetted fingers into his unused hole, his face a revengeful mask. They're both pleasantly surprised when the younger man quickly manages to find his prostate with just a few tries, both delightful that Kazuya hasn't lost the skill yet while Jin whimpers, squeezing the other's shoulder. Kame whispers passionately into his ear then, the words of anger, jealousy, how he shouldn't have let Jin go, about how lonely he's feeling at nights, how he hates, hates, hates Akanishi and how stupid he is for still loving the old idiot that is Jin. The scraps of his phrases don't reach the other's ears though but Kazuya doesn't mind; they both know he never means it for real. And the fingers leave the older man and Jin who has to open his eyes again, stills, feeling pathetically expectant and aroused as he watches his lover move on top of him; Kame's hands that pull his own sweatpants just a bit lower, how Kame's knees nudge his thighs and, most importantly, how Kame's hardness disappears inside him. He moans at the pain, frowning up to show his discomfort and searching for his lover's eyes and when Kame pulls on his hair, smiling down at him, Jin lets go, relaxing, finally free to remember what it's like to be filled.
Jin's fingers squeeze Kame's shoulders when the younger boy starts to move and he's more or less quiet, his breath steady and slightly rushed, while Kazuya groans each and every time he pulls out and back in, the sensations absorbing him, making him speed up within every next moment. Jin's prostate is grazed and he gratefully laps at Kame's neck that is right on the level with his mouth, forcing Kame to giggle breathlessly and make his thrusts more rushed and hectic as he hears Jin whine under him. He bends to whisper something into the older's ear, a secret, and when he's done, Kame bites his earlobe, arching on top of Jin, his hips roughly pushing into the other's butt; Kame has come and Jin chews on his own lips impatiently, going crazy with want but not denying his lover an afterglow. And only after Jin has already recounted twice all of the sunbeams on the wall, does Kame's hand grab his erection, effectively winding the morning up with Jin's muffled scream of his name.

It's nine a.m., and Kazuya feels the desperate need to go back to sleep throb inside his head, pulsing, as he slowly sips on his black coffee. Two bowls of rice are standing untouched on the wooden table as he rubs his eyes tiredly, horrified at the thought of two photoshoots and one dance practice that are waiting to creep up on him this afternoon. He's also entertaining the thought of calling in sick. Tomorrow, of course, because he's just too busy today.
The thoughtful atmosphere gets shaken only when Jin appears at the doorpost, dressed and ready to leave. Now they both look exhausted but still smile at each other; Jin has his tongue inside Kame's mouth two seconds later, fingers subtly rubbing the bump on his lover's crotch. When they part, the older man licks his own lips with relish, savouring and trying to remember the taste of this last real kiss till the next time.
- You should visit me while I'm there. Who knows when we're going to meet again.
Kazuya stares at Jin devouring his rice, slightly annoyed at the way Jin fumbles with his chopsticks, obviously due to the lack of use. He scowls and can't help but make a caustic remark.
- Watch out for all of your boyfriends to find that mark I left on your thigh, - Kame feels like he owns the world the moment Jin chokes on his food, coughing at the sudden outburst. He glares at his boyfriend and then smiles a dangerously sweet smile, making Kame squirm.
- You're having a photoshoot today, right? Then remind your make-up girl to cover that hickey on your neck. I really wonder how it could get there...
Jin whistles as Kazuya gasps and throws a towel at him, scandalized, and the older man laughs loudly, feeling happy and relaxed the first time that month.

[The End]

Now, at least this fic is finished and I can rest assured.
Thank you for reading.

First part posted on 15.06.2010
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