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Mine Akame, Jin/OC, KoKame. NC-17. S: I'm bad at it... Jin found out that his sensei had an affair with one of the students. When he saw that student he knew that he would make him his. Only his. It's my first fic. (Completed) I. The Summer. | II. The Fall. | III. The Winter | IV. The Spring. | V. The Summer. J-rock for geeks Akame, Ryoda, KoyaShige, two more secret ones. NC-17. S: Jrocker!Jin wins an idiot bet on a drinking among his band members but the prize is that he gets to seduce and sleep with a Geek!Kame who's supposed to meet a girl for a date but she actually lied and Kame believed her by [info]newssuki That is a request from [profile] akame_req. (On-going) - I - | - II - | - III - | - IV - | - V - | - VI - | - VII - | - VIII - | - IX - A The FOOD drabbles Akame! NC-17. S: Basically, it's Akame and Food, muaahahaha... My nee-sama [profile] kicher kept talking about the food, she makes/drinks/eats. I couldn't stand any more drooling and started writing drabbles on every meal she suggested... ^_^ (On-going) The First Bunch | The Second Bunch | The Third Bunch | The Fourth Bunch | The Fifth Bunch | The Sixth Bunch | The Seventh Bunch | The Eighth Bunch | The Ninth Bunch | The Tenth Bunch | The Eleventh Bunch | The Twelfth Bunch | The Thirteenth Bunch | The Fourteenth Bunch | A Handy Job Akame. R. S: The night life of Tokyo was never one to be quiet, convenient and cozy with an impressive presence. It was similar to a rushed dance, quick, wild and seductive on those who got along with the night well, and harsh, rude and painstakingly brutal to those who feared it. Kamenashi Kazuya was one of those who acted so good that he was able to trick the cruel night; he was living for it, it was playing host to him, not noticing that he had always been out of place there... This is written/dedicated to , my nee-sama, who loves the kink used in the second part. The promt - This Kazuya. (On-going) I Part | II Part | III Part |


Sing me carol songs, Ueda Akame, Ryoda, KoyaShige, Tegomass. PG-13. S: Tegoshi is a Christmas gift, who can make wishes come true. That was anonymously posted to Johnny's December Fic Meme. Sing me carol songs, Ueda     ★ Ponta knows it better... Ryoda. NC-17. S: Ryo doesn't like Ponta. Ponta doesn't like Ryo. Nobody asked Ueda. This is Ponta. Ponta knows it better...     Those sleepless flakes... Akame, Pi/OC, Pin. PG-13. S: 8 years ago Akanishi Jin lost someone more than just precious to him. Yamashita Tomohisa has recently experienced what the real loss feels like. They meet at the airport in New York City, in one particularly snowy night. Because their flight is delayed, Jin decides to tell Tomohisa his story. An ordinary story of an ordinary man. Read the explanation after reading my story. Those Sleepless Flakes...   ★ Curl me up, baby! Akame, the crew of Bandage, the crew of Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge. R. S: These past days Kazuya and Jin were extremely busy: Jin with his movie, Kazuya with his dorama. Kazuya hears this one particular strange interview of Jin and decides that the older man is just exploiting him. This oneshot tells the story of what happened during those tiresome days from 13-16 of January. This one came with a disgust towards Jin's new hairdo. BEWARE: this fic contains THE CURLS. And has a weird ending. Special thanks to [profile] kicherCurl me up, baby! ★ Summer's Windy Slumber Akame, Jin/Jin. NC-17. S: On that particular sunny and very summer-like day a young realtor Kamenashi Kazuya gets an invitation for a meeting in the suburbs.  It's overly twisted, dark. Pure GORE and HORROR. Read it at your own risk.  Summer's Windy Slumber   ★ The Crack Story №666 Akame. NC-20, because of the rape scenes, pain and no mercy. S: Kazuya's being nauhgty and goes against the law, so maniac!Jin decides to teach him a lesson. Crack, here, means drug. This is my present for Kazu and Jinjin on the Valentine's Day. Extremely dark. The Crack Story №666 Girly Caked Encounter! Kyohei/Jin or JinKyo or Akame. NC-17, pure crack and smut. S: Takano Kyohei decides to order some pizza on a lonely Valentine's day but he doesn't want to share. Besides, the guy who brings him his paid food is determined to get his tip...  This was inspired by cute Kyohei? and this cake made by my nee-sama [profile] kicher. Girly Caked Encounter!  ★ You've still got 16 hours to catch up Akame. PG. S: Jin calls his bandmate in Tokyo, while being in Los Angeles, sitting in some small cafe with the brunette sugar bowl and some blond saucer.  Written for undying memory of Alice and Jabberwocky.  You've still got 16 hours to catch up  ★ AV Adventures Akame. NC-17. S: Kazuya and Jin are AV actors and they have to film a smut scene together, but are they really who they try to seem?  For those, who don't know who AV actors are. And this is only the first part. Dedicated to [profile] kicher, who's ill.  AV Adventures  ★ Detective-san will strike at midnight Akame. PG-13. S: Just another evening of one Kamenashi Kazuya and Akanishi Jin.   Written for [personal profile] sugar_pain_babyWarning: consists of some total randomness and craziness of the author.  Detective-san will strike at midnight  ★ Le Gâteau de Koi Ryoda. PG. The sad kind of romance. S: Ueda, who has to leave soon, meets Ryo in the café just to hear him say those words.    Inspired by Ueda's butterfly and Ryo's sweet movie. Le Gâteau de Koi  ★ Dye me Up, Babe Akame. R. S: The weekend day when Jin enters Kazuya's bedroom is the first day when his lover lets him do his hair.     This drabble/oneshot somehow gives the continuation to the series of hair... I had a completely awkward Curl me Up, Baby! thing. Now it's Dye me Up, Babe stuff XDDD Basically, this is Kame who doesn't like his hair. See what happens next. Dye me Up, Babe  ★ The Escapee Akame. NC-17. S: About Jin's return from LA for several days.     This was inspired by Jin who returned. Written and betaed entirely for my dear [profile] kicher Finished, with the first part posted 15.06.2010 and the second - 05.06.2011. The EscapeeThe tale of the lonesome figure and hungry bear, or how a birthday boy should always be called 'Oppa' Akame. PG-15. S: Jin celebrates his birthday. Kame doesn't really like it.      Celebrating my great onee-sama's birthday 8D  The tale of the lonesome figure and hungry bear, or how a birthday boy should always be called 'Oppa'The Difference Jin → Kame/his Date in lacy lingerie. R. S: A businessman Akanishi Jin returns back home and finds something surprising there.      Includes a brief description of a sexual intercourse between underage male and female. NO BL, guys, srsl. And I'm still in doubt if I should continue this (having a dream of seeing Kame's AnAn photoshoot with a black girl)  The DifferenceThe Curiosity AKAME x AKame fanfiction. NC-17. S: Kamenashi Kazuya has googled his name up and the result of his searches makes him disappointed as he finds something totally new and... perverted. This is a drabble, even though it's long. This is a beatiful bday present to [profile] norilys. The CuriosityPassion Within his Property or PWP (either Probing Without Preparation) Akame. NC-17. S: The creepy stalker at last gets his hands on his stubborn but not unwilling prey. Kinda rough smut. And it's another drabble, again. 6 pages long. Still a drabble. For marvelous [personal profile] randomicicle. P.W.P.Le Bonheur A child and two romantic adults. PG. S: 'Happiness isn’t happiness without a violin playing goat.' © This is a drabble and is written for "The FLUFF/CRACK/SMUT/HUMOR FICS MONTH" Project. A Birthday Present for [personal profile] isolated_killer, my own smart, beautiful and mainly modest self. Beware the pictures before the drabble. Le BonheurOrdinary one-sided Akame, Nakanishi as friends. PG-13. S: Ordinary Fridays could turn out to be so hectic yet soothing sometimes… This is written for [profile] je_ficgames for Team AU. Prompt: You’ve been Friday’d! (please go have your eyes examined). When I signed to write this prompt I first wanted to produce something similar to the image it gives; clouded with smoke night clubs, sweaty bodies moving to the music and, of course, some obligatory drunken fight. But, in the very end, I chose a completely opposite path. OrdinaryBooby Encounter RYoko or Nishikido/Yokoyama, friendship. PG-13. S: Yokoyama had to relax and loosen up from his work and his bandmates decidedly approached the matter. This is a pinch-hit work for [profile] je_ficgames for Team Present. Prompt: Idol Rule #3724: Don't ask girls their cup size. Written a day before the actual posting, so I was asked for smth quick and easy :|. Besides, I was dead after Ordinary. Don't judge D: Booby EncounterThe Traitor and the Dream Follower a traitor and a dream follower. G. S: Sometimes, people just need sleep. The Sleepy Story of One Traitor and His Goofy Dream Follower[PODFIC*russian] Jindiana Jones and the Turtle's Spear by [personal profile] elanielyn 12:46. Jin/Kame. NC-17. S: A smutty part of a story about History student and Archeologist, who is for some reason cosplaying Indiana Jones. Not in here though. the original text can be found here and my russian translation - here. Read aloud for the INP NC-17 podfic challenge. [Podfic] Jindiana Jones and the Turtle's Spear[Translation*russian] Jindiana Jones and the Turtle's Spear by [personal profile] elanielyn Джин/Каме. До 17. Русский язык. S: "Неприличная" часть рассказа о Студенте исторического факультета и Археологе, который почему-то косплеит Индиану Джонса. Хотя не в этом отрывке, к сожалению. Оригинальнальную версию можно найти здесь, а пост с подфиком здесь. Переведено и прочитано специально для INP NC-17 podfic challenge. [Перевод] Джиндиана不安「anxiety」 Kame/Kame with very vague hints of Nakame. PG-15. S: There is always an evil twin, and a crazy one somewhere. Complete and utter mindfuckery. No robot got injured during the writing of this fic. Written for JE Squickfic for the loveliest awesome [personal profile] randomicicle. 不安「anxiety」Sala Miłośników The Judoist and One Masochistic Baseball Player, random appearances of The Aquaneesha Troop and hints of TegoPi. R. S: The tale of two abusive sportsmen. This is insipired by a Polish movie. Written for [personal profile] jamie_spotty during [profile] amigo_santa. Originally posted here. Sala MiłośnikówI want to become Scarlett O'Hara Bem/Bela, Bem/Koizumi Kyoko. PG-13. S: Bela is desperate to try this one thing humans are very much addicted to. Kyoko wants to try Bem. Bem stays oblivious. Belo is forever too little for any of this. The scenes take place in 1984*thus no mentions of Natsume and Bem’s girly crush and happen in a private porn theatre that went bankrupt; because there was a great number of various movie theatres in the 70s, but the appearance of cheap VCRs on the market in the early 80s led to a closure of many of them. Scarlett O'Hara is the main protagonist of the most famous romance novel and movie Gone with the Wind. Also, please, note that in this universe, Kyoko was born in 1939, not in 1966, because, otherwise, she’d only be 18 in 1984 and that doesn’t go well with this story, which is fictional anyways :P Written for wonderful [personal profile] bellemelody at Kame Rarepair Mini Exchange. I want to become Scarlett O'Hara洋子 Jin and Kazuya. PG. One of the main characters has a disability. S: The story of two heartbroken children or "how fate played a trick on you and me". Written for [personal profile] defiancebyfire for Kizuna Exchange 2012. 洋子 - [Yōko] - Ocean Child. 洋子
Stuff to be written:

The project starts as J-rock for geeks is finished. Please, read THE WARNING before the actual reading of the stories.
Mysophobia (AKame)Necrophobia (RyoKame)Claustrophobia (RyoPin/RyoJin)Acrophobia (AKame)Panphobia (ShoNino/ KoyaShige)
Homophobia (Pin)Gerontophobia (RyoUchi)Chiraptophobia (Ryoda)Ailurophobia (Ryonno)Gymnophobia (KoKame)
Agyrophobia (Ryoda)Chorophobia (KAT-TUN/AKame/Ryoda)Phobophobia (KAT-TUN/AKame/Ryoda)Tonitrophobia (AKame)Atelophobia (AKame)
 Caligynephobia (Pin) Contreltophobia (AKame) Daemonophobia (AKame) Nyctophobia (AKame) Monophobia (AKame)
 Coulrophobia (AKame) Aichmophobia (AKame) Spectrophobia (AKame) Genophobia (AKame) Japanophobia (AKame)
 Ligyrophobia (AKame)Somniphobia (ShoAiba) Algophobia (ShoAiba)Entomophobia (JinRyoda)  Phasmophobia
 Belonephobia (Pin) Traumatophobia (AKame)
 Workplace phobia
 Sociophobia (KoKame) Macrophobia (Ryoda)
 Philophobia (Pida) Clinophobia (Pin) Agoraphobia/ Anablephobia (ShoJun/ShoNino) Ergophobia (JuNino) Musophobia (Jinda)
 Lipophobia (Ryoda) Pyrophobia (Pin)Autophobia  (Ryoda)  Androphobia (AKame)Athazagoraphobia (ShigePi) 
 Erythrophobia (PiKame) Anthophobia (JinYuya)Nomophobia  (AKame) latrophobia (Ryoda)   Cynophobia (PiPin*Jin's dog*)
A lifetime long manga. Akame, maybe, more. Multichapter. NC-17. S (changeable): Akanishi Jin owns a small but popular Manga Publishing House "CreepVillage". Jin works only in the genre of horror, writing scary mangas about killers and their victims, vampires and their prey, werewolfs and their fare. Being the editor of his own little company, Jin has one problem. The most popular manga which made his small publishing house critically acclaimed isn't his horror one, but a yaoi story written by an unknown author, who regularly sends one volume per month... Won't be started till, at least, a half of the Phobia Project is written. Radio Tune/FM wave that rushes through you (changeable). Akame. Oneshot. NC-17. S (changeable): Kamenashi Kazuya is a popular radio host who has a lot of fans because of his funny and amusing programs and a unique husky voice. But each time he is on air, he keeps receiving strange calls from one and only person who is very careful about nor revealing himself - every time he changes phone numbers and his names. But the caller's voice has never changed... Won't be looked at till, at least, a half of the Phobia Project is written.  

Other Fandoms:
[Translation and podfic*russian] Punishment and Grace by Dorinda Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov and Dmitri Prokofich Razumikhin. PG-13. 13:28 minutes long. Russian Language. S: A scene "set" during Chapter 3, when Raskolnikov wakes from his fever and Razumikhin looks after him, plus an epilogue. "It was a great love, a faithfulness that could not be borne any longer." Based on Crime and Punishment written by Fyodor Mikhaylovich Dostoyevsky. Birthday present for [personal profile] randomicicle. Преступление и МилостьNicotina First written for Severus Snape, then for original character, then Louis Garrel, but in reality can be read with anyone you want. PG. S: Random extracts from my head about a guy, who stands on a crossroad of his life. Written in my native language. Can be translated if someone asks me to. NicotinaAmour OC/OC or Louis Garrel/OC or Anyone You Want/Anyone You Want. R. S: Random extracts from my head about a couple of drug-addicts, who love and hate each other. Written in my native language. Most of the passages are closed. Louis Garrel. Amour 
Personal Info:
This journal consists only of fiction. I have no betas. Get to know me as either werewolf or Reiko.

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Arigato ;p
add this to memory
I love your stories ;p
Gambatte Dear ;p

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I'm so happy smn reads them))))))))))

Thank you so much and be sure to leave your small comments))))))))))))) I'd love to read them)))))))

on 2010-05-30 12:09 pm (UTC)
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*gives megasized lollipop*

<3 I love your work, your journal, and you~~

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*becomes extremely shy*

I don't know why you love me, but I love you even more.

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I'm so looking forward for A lifetime long manga and Radio Tune. Both of them seem cool enough, I love the plots even though they're AU. Got to say, as much as I love reading RL compliant Akame, there's something about AUs..

And I'll be the first one commenting on the Phobia series.

So, yeah, not sure if you're still on hiatus, but if you are, come back soon~~

on 2010-07-05 11:54 am (UTC)
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X________X you make me feel like a lazy bum, which I am.

I'm currently on nothing. Not on hiatus, nor on my free time. I'm currently getting a health treatment and have problems in RL, so... I seriously don't know when I'll be back.

But I will be. FOR SURE.


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I love the turtles &hearts!

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